Alex Jones is an actor. That’s all he is. He is a phony and is making a living off deceiving the sheeple. He is a walking advertisement for the NWO. He promotes the mark of the beast, concentration camp plans for America and Martial law. He gets on the radio and tries to speed this up by bringing people into the mentality of a full blown revolution to where UN/Nato/US military forces will come in this country and bring martial law into effect.

Jones is a puppet of the Jesuit Order and has always been. He may have started off as an unwitting agent or Change Agent but he is no longer ignorant. He is wilfully doing this on purpose. William (Bill) Milton Cooper was assassinated by Agents outside of his house but Jones is on there going strong leading the patriot Movement astray.

Jones says his life is in danger. What a joke. They would/could kill him any time they wanted to without any worry of whatever fall out may occur. These Vaticanites don’t care. They killed King Alexander I and the French Foreign Minister in broad daylight in front of a huge crowd of people. That was the Vatican too (Ustasha Agents). They could kill Jones and make it look like some loser ex-convict did it.

It amazes me that, even with the info Jones gives out that it wouldn’t be obvious to you that he is an agent. It’s so sad to see that people are just brainwashed fools.