— 666 is the number of man. We are carbon beings. Carbon has 6 electron protons and neutrons.

The way I look at it, god created numbers, math is the language of god, so how can any numbers be evil?

—  I am not superstitious about numbers… Ryan… I agree with you about how math is the language of God… the reason I am cautious about certain numbers is because of how the Occultists have taken the beauty of God’s creation and numerical laws and twisted them into something other than it’s intended function and beauty… in Kabbalistic Witchcraft, for instance, Gematria is used to find qualitative value in the numbers associated with the letters of a name… and that is superstition… and in ceremonial high magic, numbers and letters and geometric patterns are used in a ritualized methodology in order to conjure and contain demons on the earth plane…

— Indeed, there are dark agendas going on and perversions to everything. Theres an opposing force to love, that is fear. Demonic spirits as powerful as they are operating out of fear, we can oppose them through higher vibrations created through love,. God is love, and to know and be love is to know God. As far as kabbalism there are dark fremosonic orders that do use that knowledge for dark purposes for sure. But sacred geometry, the tree of life, numerology are all ways for us to understand how God operates in our known universe. I know you strickly believe in the Bible. But I have learned that the bible Isnt the only book you can understand who God is. I know christians will read this and think im being deceived by the “devil”, I used to think that way myself when people told me these things. I encourage people to question their realities, belief systems, religions, governments, and authorities, because to not think for yourself and to not test information in your own experiences, instead just believing blindly without question is dangerous. I always ask christians, muslims, and those who practice judiasm, do you really think your book is the only book that has Lasted all these years without being hijacked by the ruling elite?

 You might find this link interesting. http://www.revealingscienceofgod.com/index.php?page=what-is-kabbalism