An estimated 111.3 million people watched the Superbowl in 2012. The Superbowl, and sports in general, are perhaps the greatest distraction from what really affects people’s lives. More people can rattle off useless sports statistics, name the teams in this year’s superbowl, and list an entire team’s roster than can answer “what is the NDAA.”

Imagine if the same number of people who watched the SuperBowl took that time to look into the largely unknown dark spots of American history. Imagine if they committed the same level of effort invested into a fantasy league and instead educated themselves on the subterranean thread of politics and global events. It seems as though as long as we can eat wings and pick sides in obvious adversarial contests, be it the 49ers vs the Ravens, or republicans vs democrats, the population at large will continue to believe in American exceptionalism and tell themselves they are free.

Russia Today reports, “About 3 in 10 Americans believe that God has a role in deciding the results of sporting events, including this Sunday’s Super Bowl.” How self centered?! How primitive, really to believe that not only does God exist, but he has more vested in deciding victors among millionaires than caring for the poor, healing the sick, or ending war.

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